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Community Scholarships

Community Scholarships

Dixie State University is fortunate to have additional scholarship programs available to students. Each scholarship requires a separate application. Please read and follow the instructions, submit transcripts or other documents as required, by the designated deadline.

DSU Affiliated Scholarships

Dixie State University Staff Association

DSU Staff Association offers a $600 scholarship each semester to a current part-time staff employee who is pursuing higher education here at Dixie State. The primary purpose of the Dixie State University Staff Association is to foster a harmonious and cooperative relationship between administration, faculty,  staff members, and students. We invite all qualified employees to apply for this opportunity.
April 15th Fall Deadline
October 15th Spring Deadline
February 15th Summer Deadline

Staff Association Scholarship Application

DSU Alumni – Golden Generation – Class Of ’41 Scholarships

These awards are one-year scholarships based on academic merit and/or financial need. This scholarship, when used in conjunction with any other scholarship offered through DSU cannot exceed cost of Tuition and Fees. April 1st Deadline
Golden Generation Application

DSU Student Alumni Association (SAA)

Dixie State University Student Alumni Association provides scholarships to students who become active participants in SAA. The goal of SAA is to help students realize that involvement is not only fun, but can also be a lifelong experience. This organization promotes pride and enthusiasm for Dixie State University. To learn more about the alumni association visit the Alumni & Friends website.
March 8th and March 20th Deadlines

Student Alumni Association Application

DSU Scholarship Associates

The DSU Scholarship Associates awards 10 to 15 scholarships each year to qualified students. To be considered, applicants must have completed their first year at Dixie (24 credit hours or more) with a minimum 2.75 GPA. Applicants should be full-time students working toward a 1st Bachelors’ Degree at Dixie. Selection is based on a personal interview, financial need, and potential for academic success. Recipients are asked to participate in Fund Raising Events sponsored by the Scholarship Associates throughout the year.
March 31st Deadline
Scholarship Associates Application

DSU High Impact Student Scholarship

Improving student success by providing financial assistance to DSU students participating in high impact practices. These high impact practices could entail: study abroad, career tours, undergraduate research, internships, experiential learning, alternative fall and spring breaks, presenting at conferences, etc. Students who participate in these types of activities can apply for a scholarship that will cover up to $500. The deadlines are: October 15th, November 15th, February 15th, and April 15th.

DSU High Impact Student Scholarship

Community Scholarships (in order of due date)

Mountain America Credit Union

Mountain America Credit Union’s scholarship program launches February 1, with a total of six scholarships being offered to credit union members and their families. The scholarships are awarded based on a student’s academic performance, community volunteer service, a written essay about their educational and career aspirations, and their family financial situation. Applications open February 1st with various due dates.

  • $2,000 Paul R. Ball Memorial Scholarship
  • $1,000 Utah Public Employees’ Association Scholarship

For more information visit, Mountain America Credit Union Scholarships

Washington City Lions Club Scholarship

The Washington City Lions Club Scholarship will award two $500 scholarships. Student must be a Washington City resident and have a minimum 3.2 high school GPA. To apply for the scholarship, applicants must submit the application below with a 250 word essay on Community Service to the Scholarship Office of Dixie State University. You can submit them in person to the Financial Aid and Scholarship office in the Holland Building on the DSU campus.
March 31st Deadline

Washington City Lions Club Scholarship Application

AAUW (American Association of University Women)

The American Association of University Women, St. George Branch (AAUW SGB) advances equity for women and girls in southern Utah through philanthropy, advocacy, and education. We are delighted to have raised enough money this year to award $1,000-$3,000 scholarships, whether you are full-time or part-time, to deserving students. Entering, current and returning women DSU students, who are Utah Residents may apply. AAUW’s eSMART Camp graduates are also eligible. DXATC, Adult Ed Graduate women students will also be considered if they intend to continue at DSU after their certification program. Awards are based on financial need and ability to finish. A 2.5 GPA is required to apply. All applications, letters of reference, and transcripts should be submitted no later than the March 1, 2019, deadline. Scholarship applications will be accepted after January 1, 2019, for the 2019-2020 year.
March 1st Deadline 
For the application, go to our local branch website.

St. George Lady Lions

Awards a $500 scholarship to a graduating senior from each of the Local High Schools, as well as one to one current DSU student. Scholarships are awarded based upon “financial need” rather than on grades or academic performance. Winners are required to attend the Scholarship Tea in April. Additional information is provided on the application. For questions, please contact the Lady Lions representative: Katie@larsenplumbing.net
March 15th Deadline

Lions Scholarship Application

Rebels Forever Scholarship

Awarded each year to Current Dixie State University students whose parent, grandparent or great-grandparent graduated from Dixie. Applicants must be at least a sophomore with a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or above, and be active in a club, organization or extracurricular activities at Dixie.

March 15th Deadline

Rebels Forever Scholarship Application

Joe & Dixie Bowler Scholarship

Applicants for this scholarship must be full-time students in their second, third or fourth year of attendance at DSU, with 24 credit hours completed and a minimum 2.8 GPA. Must have graduated from Virgin Valley High School in Mesquite, Nevada.

March 15th Deadline

Joe & Dixie Bowler Scholarship Application

Dixie Garden Club/Dorothy T. Mineer Memorial Scholarship

Awarded each year to Current Dixie State University students. Applicants must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above. Applicants must be enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science program at DSU. Financial need is not a criterion, but may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
March 22nd Deadline.

Dixie Garden Club Application

Celebrity Concert Series

Awards one-year scholarships in Performing Arts to high school graduates planning to attend DSU, and students who are currently attending DSU. Auditions are required. For details contact your high school counselor, the Fine Arts Department, or the Celebrity Concert Series Office office.
March 29th Deadline

Celebrity Concert Series Application

Southern Utah Home Builders Association (SUHBA)

Each year, SUHBA will award scholarships to students pursuing post high school education. Preference for scholarships will be given to students pursuing construction-related education and students affiliated with SUHBA. The scholarship may be used to fund almost any post-secondary education, i.e., college or vocational, public or private. Recipients may be awarded up to $1,000 per academic year. Monies will be paid directly to the school of choice.
March 31st Deadline

SUHBA Scholarship Application

Southern Utah Trucking Association (SUTA)

Southern Utah Trucking Association (SUTA) is an organization of the trucking industry operating in Southern Utah and is affiliated with the State and National Trucking Associations. The scholarship is the result of the desire from the trucking industry to give back to the community by helping high school and college students further their education. Qualifying students may receive a scholarship ranging from $200 to $1000 to assist them with tuition, fees and other program costs. Preference will be given, but is not limited to, students who are working towards an education in a trucking industry related field, or are members or relatives of members of the Utah Trucking Association.
March 31st Deadline

SUTA Scholarship Application

Washington County Children’s Justice Center Patricia Sheffield Scholarship

Awards $1,000 for resident student currently attending DSU who have completed at least 24 credits with at least a 2.75 GPA.
March 31st Deadline
Children’s Justice Center Scholarship Application

Dixie Ladies of Elks Scholarship

Applicants for this scholarship must be full-time students in their second, third or fourth year of attendance at DSU ( 24 credit hours completed). Must have graduated from a local high school in Washington County and must be a US citizen. Dollar amount of award varied.
April 1st deadline.

Dixie Ladies of Elks Application

Institute For Continued Learning (ICL)

Offers a total of three, $500 scholarships to deserving students. Applicants must have attended at least one semester at DSU prior to applying. Minimum 3.0 GPA and “Full-Time” status. Recipients are required to complete a progress report at the end of the semester.
April 1st Deadline.

ICL Scholarship Application

Pauline C. Wulffenstein Scholarship

This scholarship is named for Pauline C. Wulffenstein who was a lifelong Washington County Resident, secretary to DSU President Arthur Bruhn, secretary of Hurricane High School, and head Washington County Librarian. Applicants must be returning DSU students in good standing with a minimum 2.5 GPA, who have completed a minimum of 15 credit hours prior to application. Students must demonstrate “Financial Need” through FAFSA, and also include a short essay as part of their application. Selection is based on a personal interview, financial need, and potential for academic success. Preference is given to non-traditional female students with children, and those seeking careers in either business or music.
April 1st Deadline. 

PCW Scholarship Application

Hinton BUrdick CPA’s and Advisors Scholarship

This is a scholarship for students accepted into the Masters Degree in Accounting. Applicants must have have a minimum 3.5 undergraduate cumulative GPA and must have graduated from one of the following counties: Sanpete, Millard, Emery, Grand, Sevier, Beaver, Piute, Wayne, Iron, Garfield, Washington, Kane, San Juan, Virgin Valley, Lincoln, Pharanagat Valley, or Moapa Valley.

April 1st Deadline

Hinton Burdick CPA’s and Advisors Scholarship Application

Bloomington Dental Scholarship

Bloomington Dental and Chris A Neilson DDS have been involved in the St George community since 1997. Giving back is what makes a difference in many lives and we want to help those around us. This year we will be giving a scholarship to one student who is pursuing a career in the healthcare field or dentistry with a $1,000 scholarship to Dixie State University for the 18-19 school year. Must be accepted to Dixie as a Full Time student with a declared major in the field of healthcare or dentistry.
April 5th Deadline. 

Find the application and requirements on our website here.

State Bank Of Southern Utah

Offers yearly scholarships to high school graduates of local high schools: Dixie, Snow Canyon, Pineview, Millcreek, Desert Hills, Hurricane, and Tuacahn. Scholarship awards are administered though the Washington County School District Foundation. Applications should be sent to either the Foundation, or to one of the State Bank full services branches.
Deadline is the second week in April.

State Bank Scholarship Application

Michael Scott Cannon Scholarship:

Dixie State University and the family of Michael Scott Cannon offer one scholarship each year to a Washington County Resident with a GPA between 2.0 and 3.75 who is attending DSU as a full-time student. Qualifications are as follows; students who have overcome a life challenge, is service oriented, and/or have financial needs. For additional requirements please refer to the application.
April 15th Deadline.

Michael Scott Cannon Scholarship Application

Washington County Republican Women “Embracing Our Heroes” Scholarship

Sponsors scholarships for the National Guard, Reservists, or Veterans (or spouses of veterans), with priority given to members of the 222nd. Student must hold a 3.0 GPA and demonstrate “financial need”.
April 15th deadline.

Embracing Our Hero’s Scholarship Application

Red Rock Center for Independence

Petersen Medical, Planned Parenthood, Dabney Law Office and other community supporters is offering a $500 scholarship designed to assist a student with disabilities who is attending college and has a 2.0 GPA or higher from the prior semester at college. Fax or email applications with attachments to 435-673-8808 or rrci@rrci.org.
April 30th Deadline

Red Rock Center for Independence Scholarship Application

Anthony & Ashley Morris “Pay It Forward” Scholarship

This is a scholarship for any Business or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics) majors. Applicants must have declared a Business or STEM major, have a minimum 3.0, show leadership ability, an have no other scholarships. To apply, fill out the application below and include a one-page essay of how you plan to “pay it forward” either in the present or in the future.
May 1st Deadline.

Anthony and Ashley Morris Scholarship Application

Betty & Barry Barnum Scholarship

This is a scholarship for any STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics) majors. Applicants must have declared a STEM major, have a minimum 3.0, and be a graduate from Kanab High School.

May 1st Deadline

Betty & Barry Barnum Scholarship Application

FJ Management Scholarship

This is a scholarship for good students with at least a 3.0 GPA and are working toward their 1st Bachelors’ Degree. Preference will be given to students majoring in Business, Economics, Management, Finance, or Computer Science but all are welcome to apply.
May 1st Deadline

FJ Management Scholarship Application

National Advisory Council Scholarship

National Advisory Council has established a scholarship for veterans who do not qualify for GI Benefits. To apply you must be a student in good standing with DSU, you must submit your DD-214 and an essay stating your plans and why you deserve the scholarship to Steve Roberts, Veterans Coordinator, via email or directly to his office in the Holland Building.
May 1st Deadline

AT&T Public Safety Hero Scholarship

This is a scholarship for any student accepted into the EMS (Emergency Medical Services) Program. Applicants must be accepted into the program, and must have “Financial Need” as determined by FAFSA, and be an under-represented student.

May 1st Deadline

AT&T Public Safety Hero Scholarship Application

Orton-Gubler Teacher Education Scholarship

Established to honor a long time Washington County educator and his wife, the Rulon D Orton and LaPrele Gubler Orton Education Scholarship awards $1000 scholarships to elementary education majors. Candidates must be DSU students in good standing with a 3.0 GPA and accepted into the Elementary Education Program prior to making application. Students must have “Financial Need” as determined by FAFSA. A short essay must be submitted with your application, applications submitted without an essay will not be considered. Preference is given to Non-Traditional students, and those seeking an Elementary Education – Arts endorsement. Applicants will be considered for additional awards each year they meet the qualifications.
May 1st Deadline.

Orton Gubler Teacher Education Application

Gordon Russell Scholarship in Honor of Shea’ton Russell

One to two scholarships each year to a Utah Resident with a GPA between 2.0 and 3.75 who is attending DSU as a full-time student. First consideration to students who have overcome a life challenge, is service oriented, and demonstrates financial need. Student cannot be receiving a current academic scholarship. For more information and detailed requirements please click on the application link. May 30th Deadline

Gordon Russell Scholarship Application

St. George “Dixie” Elks Lodge

Offers multiple scholarships to students from the Washington County area. See website for more details: Dixie Elks Lodge Scholarship Website

St. George Lion’s Club

Offers service-based scholarships to students from the Washington County area. Student should contact the Lion’s Club directly for information, applications and deadlines. 303 E 100 South, St George, 84770