Academic Scholarship FAQs

How was my eligibility determined?

You were awarded this scholarship based on what information we had upon your completion of admission to DSU. Freshmen and Transfer scholarships are awarded based on a “snapshot in time” which is how you performed up to that point in time. You can submit updated transcripts or test scores as long as you submit them by the deadline.

How do I accept my scholarship?

Easy! Go to: and login with your DixieID and your Password and select Login. Now select the FINANCIAL AID tab, and then AWARD and AWARD FOR AID YEAR. Now choose the appropriate year from the drop-down options. Finally, select the ACCEPT AWARD OFFER tab and accept your award (or decline if you have changed your mind about attending DSU). That’s it, you’re done!

Is there a deadline to accept my scholarship award?

Yes and No.  You should accept your scholarship offer within 45 days of the date on the award letter. Awards not accepted by their deadline may be considered forfeited. If your plans are still undecided, please accept the award, and if for some reason you cannot attend, you may decline the award prior to the start of the semester with no penalty. However, you can accept them at any time until the first day of school. 

How much is Tuition?

Resident full-time enrollment tuition per semester is $2,229. Current Full-time enrollment for a Non-Resident is made up of two components. Resident tuition of $2,229 and the Non-Resident differential of $4,899; which makes a combined total of $7,128 for Non-Resident tuition per semester.

If I do really well at DSU, can I get a higher scholarship?

No, these are awarded based on how you had performed prior to attending DSU. Once you are here we cannot bump you up to a higher level based on your performance here.

 When do I get the money?

You don’t. Scholarships are waivers that reduce the cost of tuition. Just prior to the start of the semester (and based on 15 credit hours of enrollment) your scholarship will be applied to your student account as a credit against your tuition. It is your responsibility to pay any remaining balance by the posted deadline.

What if I have Financial Aid as well?

All approved and accepted Financial Aid and Scholarships will be credited to your student account. Any residual funds will be paid directly to you via the Dixie OneCard (information available on the DSU website). Please note that refunds are not available until the first week of school. Housing deposits, early book purchases, parking stickers and/or expenses due prior to the start of the semester are your responsibility.

School has started and my scholarship still hasn’t paid. Why?

Most likely it is one of two things. You are either not registered in the required 15 credit hours for your scholarship or you still need to fill out the Scholarship Citizenship Confirmation Form. You can find the Citizenship Conformation form on the Scholarship Webpage here. If you have done that and you are registered in 15 credits and it still hasn’t paid, come to the Scholarship Office.

How do I keep my scholarship?

Scholarship requirements vary depending on the scholarship you have been awarded. All academic scholarships require 15 credit hours per semester and completion of 30 credits per year. Always refer to your award letter for specific information.

Is my scholarship renewable?

The Utah Resident Presidential, Chancellors, Trustees, Deans, Merit and Transfer Scholarships will automatically renew as long as you maintain the requirements listed on your award letter.

All Non-Resident waivers automatically renew, as long as you maintain the requirements listed on your award letter.

Take note of your award letter, as there is a maximum amount of eligible semesters for your scholarship to renew.

Can I apply for other scholarships?

Absolutely! DSU offers leadership, talent, athletic and departmental scholarships. However, DSU policy does not allow for the stacking of scholarships beyond the cost of tuition, and in some cases students must choose between awards. Still, we recommend you to take advantage of all scholarship opportunities available, and encourage you to apply for other private scholarships from outside agencies and/or organizations.

Can I put my scholarship on “hold” for Religious/Humanitarian Service, Military Service or Personal reasons?

Yes, but you must submit a request by filling out the Scholarship Deferment Form. This form will defer your scholarship as well as your admissions to DSU if you choose to do so. You cannot defer a scholarship to attend another school. Doing so will automatically void your DSU scholarship offer.

Do I get a probation semester if I don’t meet the requirements?

Yes and No. Yes in that we don’t check your academic progress mid-year. So if you fail to meet the requirements for Fall semester, you go on “probation” for Spring semester and will receive your scholarship but you will need to make up the missing requirements from Fall semester. However, at the end of Spring semester we check GPA and credit hours. If you meet both requirements your scholarship will roll forward to the next year. If you failed to meet either requirement, further payments are revoked.

If I lose my scholarship can I earn it back?

No. If you fail to meet the requirements at the end of the year then your scholarship is forfeited. No matter how well you do, you cannot earn back the same scholarship. (If you have a WUE, Dixie Half Merit, or Good Neighbor then you can re-apply after you meet the application GPA requirements again.)

Can I appeal to get my scholarship back?

Yes. You can appeal but the only appeals that are typically approved are those where the reason that you failed to meet the requirements are extenuating circumstances. You can read more about Scholarship Appeals and the process here.

Can my parent(s) take care of business for me?

No, not without a FERPA release on file. Your information is private and cannot be discussed with anyone but you…the student. If you wish to waive this right and allow a parent (or spouse) to access your financial information, you must print and complete a FERPA Release of Information Form and submit it to the Admissions Office. You can find the form at and click on forms.

Can I transfer my scholarship to another school?

No. Every institution has its own scholarship funding sources, policies and budgets. Scholarships awarded by DSU may only be used to attend DSU.

If I don’t meet the requirements for my scholarship, or if I transfer to another school, do I have to repay my scholarship?

No, but all further payments for your scholarship will be revoked.

 What else should I know?

It is your responsibility to check your student account and verify that your scholarship/waivers, financial aid, or payments have been properly credited. The balance due must be paid by the posted deadline. Failure to pay will result in late fees and dropped classes. Please refer to the website for applicable deadlines and payment schedules.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact the Scholarship Office at