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Non-Resident Transfer Scholarship FAQ

Non-Resident Transfer Scholarship FAQ

How are awards determined?

All non-resident waiver/scholarships require a separate application.
Need based awards require completion of a Federal Financial Aid Application (FAFSA) and are determined by the Financial Aid Office in conjunction with the scholarship office.

What happens to my Waiver if I gain residency during the year?

Students must be non-residents of Utah, paying non-resident tuition, in order to be eligible for non-resident waivers and/or scholarships from DSU. Upon notification of change in residency, non-resident award/s will be withdrawn. If the student received a non-resident waiver based on academic merit, they will receive a resident academic scholarship based on their current academic standing. Waivers awarded based on "need" have no expectation of being replaced.

Can I have more than one Waiver?

In certain cases a student may receive a combination of waivers due to offers made based on academic merit, financial need, talent or athletic recruitment. However, the total amount of non-resident waivers awarded to a student cannot exceed the cost of full tuition. If a student should receive offers that exceed the cost of tuition the scholarship/financial aid office will reduce or adjust the awards to maintain compliance within waiver policy.

What does it cost to attend Dixie State University?

2015-2016 Tuition for Non-Resident Students per semester:

Resident Portion of Tuition
Non-Resident Differential
Total Cost of Tuition per Semester


2015-2016 Fees for all students per semester:

Student Fees
Class Fees (labs, etc)

Varies by class

Direct Costs: On campus room/board charges are estimates only.
Please contact student housing for current prices (435) 652-7570

Cafeteria Plan
Shiloh Dorm
Nisson Dorm

$999 (minimum plan per semester)
$1,125 (single room per semester)
$795 (shared room per semester)

Indirect Costs: Indirect costs include off campus room/board, books, supplies, transportation & personal expenses. These items are not charged directly to the student’s account. Individual expenses, for indirect costs vary per student.
Please make sure to include these costs as you prepare your budget.

How Does the Waiver/Scholarship Work?

Upon enrollment, students are billed for the full cost of tuition and fees, on campus housing (if applicable) as well as any other charges associated with their enrollment. Just Prior to the start of the semester and upon full time enrollment (12 credit hours) the waiver/scholarship is applied to the student’s account. The balance owning is the responsibility of the student and must be paid within published deadlines.
Should the student receive more aid than costs incurred, a refund will be issued after the start of the semester. The business office is responsible for the issuing of refunds.

How do I check my account status?

Please refer to our Dixie State University web site at . Go to My DSU and select“login to student services”. From there you can log-in using your Student ID# and birth date. Now you can check your student account, accept financial aid/scholarships, pay tuition & more. You will also find contact information for various departments at this site.

It is the responsibility of the student to check his/her DSU account to verify that funds have been credited. The student is responsible to pay any additional balance due. Failure to pay in a timely manner will result in late charges and dropped classes. Please refer to the web site for applicable dates.

For questions please contact the cashier’s office at 435-652-7605.