Dixie Half Merit Waiver

Dixie Half Merit Waiver is a tuition reduction waiver that covers half of the Non-Resident portion of tuition. It covers roughly $4734 based on 2017-18 tuition rates.

To be considered for the Dixie Half Merit Waiver, applicant must:

  • Apply for fall or spring semester as an incoming freshman OR transfer student
  • Be a US Citizen or have Permanent Resident Status
  • Attend Dixie State University St. George Main Campus
  • Have intent to graduate from Dixie State University
  • Major in a DSU program


  • Be admitted to DSU
  • Be a US Citizen or have Permanent Resident Status
  • Freshmen must have an admissions index of 38 with a minimum 2.0 high school unweighted GPA and 16 ACT or 860 NEW SAT (1200 old SAT).
  • Transfer students must have a 2.5 or higher transfer GPA with a minimum of 24 transfer credits
  • Students with a Bachelors’ degree or excess of 150 credit hours are not eligible for scholarships.

Participants in the Dixie Half Merit Waiver program must do the following to remain eligible:

  • Complete no less than 12 credit hours per semester. The Dixie Half Merit Waiver will not pay on more than 20 credit hours per semester
  • Maintain a 2.0 Cumulative DSU grade point average
  • Have not accepted any other DSU scholarship in the form of tuition waiver or tuition reduction (private cash awards or scholarships are acceptable)