Scholarship Appeal Process


Any of the following academic scholarships or waivers can be appealed: Presidential, Chancellors, Trustees, Deans, Merit, Achievement, NR Presidential, NR University, NR Full Merit, Transfer I, Transfer II, Transfer III, Transfer IV, WUE, Good Neighbor, Dixie Half Merit, and the Alumni Legacy.

Students wishing to submit a scholarship appeal must complete the Scholarship Appeal Form, write a statement explaining their circumstances and why they deserve to have it back, and attach all supporting documentation. Appeals should be submitted to the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office on the 1st floor of the Holland Centennial Commons Building.

All scholarship appeals should essentially be handed in as soon as you are notified of loss of scholarship. However, scholarship appeals must be submitted prior to the start of the semester and must include all supporting documentation prior to submitting the appeal to the Scholarship Office. Any appeals that are missing documentation or the student’s statement will be automatically denied.

If the student did not meet the GPA or credit hour requirements by the end of the year due to extenuating circumstances then an appeal can be filed.

Extenuating circumstances are things that are beyond the student’s control. Examples are: serious illness of student or close family member, death of a family member, courses dropped by institution, etc. All appeals claiming extenuating circumstances must be accompanied by not only a letter from the student explaining the circumstances, but also any documentation supporting your claim. Such documentation may include a statement from the doctor or counselor, physician statements, medical records, court records, etc.

Appeals of this nature are not usually approved. If you have lost your scholarship due to personal issues, or that you have missed the deadline, then those are not considered extenuating circumstances.

Once an academic scholarship is lost, it is lost. You were notified of your requirements when you were awarded your scholarship.  There are other scholarships you can apply for, but those are yearly scholarships that require yearly applications. Most application deadlines are due during the spring semester and are awarded for the entire year. It is up to you to find other funding to supplement the loss of your academic scholarship. (The only academic scholarships that can be earned back are the Non-Resident WUE, Good Neighbor, and Dixie Half Merit waivers.)

As it stated in your award letter, you are given an entire year of your scholarship at a time. Your spring semester is considered your probationary semester. If, at the end of the year, you do not meet all of the requirements of your scholarship, then it is gone.

No, you have to appeal for the loss of your financial aid separately than your scholarship. The process, committee and requirements are different, but most of the time you can use the same documentation for both appeals. You just have to appeal to each committee if you have lost both your scholarship and your financial aid.

Scholarship appeals tend to take roughly around 1-2  weeks to process, but it depends on the time of year. Once the committee makes a decision, you will be notified via your Dmail account. If you do not look at your Dmail account or you do not know how to log on to your Dmail account, you will want to get that figured out. The only way that the Financial Aid or Scholarship offices will notify you of anything is via your Dmail, so make sure to check it often.


If you have any other questions, feel free to contact the Scholarship Office.

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