Talent Scholarships

Talent Scholarships

All students are invited to apply for scholarships in “talent” based programs. Dixie State University has an excellent Fine Arts Department, offering outstanding instruction in the performing arts. Most applicants are required to interview and/or attend tryouts. The Talent Scholarship Application form must be filled out online.

Application Deadlines vary by Department. Please contact the Department Representative for specific information regarding a particular scholarship program.



Requires the submission of a portfolio containing 6 to 8 samples of current artwork. The portfolio may be submitted as slides, a CD/DVD or physical portfolio. Additionally 2 letters of recommendation and a letter from the student giving a brief description of the student’s goals as they relate to art or art experience must also be submitted. Please contact Dennis Martinez for more information at martinez@dixie.edu.



Contact Bryant Smith bryant.smith@dixie.edu or 435-652-7997



Scholarships available for Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, and Strings interested in playing in the orchestra.
Contact Paul Abegg 435-652-7904 or abegg@dixie.edu


Piano Music

Contact Nancy Allred 435-652-7995 allred@dixie.edu. Auditions are required.



Contact Dr Li Lei 435-652-7883 or visit http://dixie.edu/dance/contact.php. Auditions are required.



Contact Michael Harding 435-652-7725 or harding@dixie.edu


Vocal Music

Contact Roger Hale rhale@dixie.edu or 435-652-7922. Auditions are required.